This is an interactive personality test that relate to everyday situations where your human rights are effected. By asking questions on how to act in situations where humans rights collide it challenges the visitor’s own views and opinions. The project is aimed at 13-19 year olds and is a new way of working with difficult and many times abstract subjects.

A swedish version of the test is running here .

The physical design is trying to incite interest, curiosity and easy access from the outside, while creating a private space closed off enough not to get disturbed by things happening in the surrounding. Still you can’t feel trapped or completely cut of from the outside world. The exhibition also have to be transportable and easy to pack.

Three of the blobs are permanently placed at Peace House href in Uppsala.

The client calls the exhibition a success and we are all very pleased with what we accomplished.

CLIENT and PROJECT MANAGEMENT: The delegation for Human Rights in Sweden CONCEPT and PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Jonathan ‘Kip’ Kipowsky CONCEPT and PROGRAMMING: Andrei Hakansson PHYSICAL DESIGN (and building): David Fredlund (and Lars Fredlund) GRAPHIC DESIGN AN: Anders Davén GRAPHICS: Andreas and Alex from Kollektivet Livet ANIMATION, SOUND AND MUSIC: Ivar Edding ILLUSTRATIONS: Johan Mets TEXT WORK: Sanna Berg, Catherine Bivald, Rachel Baran and Linda Widman PRODUCTION TEAM REFERENCE GROUP: Hampus Brynolf and Isaac Ericsson TARGET GROUP TESTS AND INTERVIEWS: Elin Burman