Did you know that to go by train from Stockholm to Copenhagen generates about 0.0084 kilos of greenhouse gases per passenger?
To go by car from Stockholm to Copenhagen generates 108 kilos of greenhouse gases, and to go there by air generates 170 kilos of greenhouse gases per passenger.

CO2 emission expressed in kg or tons is quite abstract. When you get the opportunity to feel the wight difference between driving 20 km by car (3,9 kg) and using public transport (0,2 kg), it is not at all that abstract anymore.
By answering questions like how you heat your house, how you travel to work, what you eat, how far you go on vacation or what you buy you add your life together in actual weights. Are you able to lift the weight of your daily greenhouse gas impact? On the scale you get the answer to your total impact, but by adding or subtracting different weights you gain an understanding of what changes in your life would have the biggest effect.
Since august 2010 about 4 000 people have had the opportunity to try it.

This interactive exhibition and pedagogical tool was developed in cooperation with the Environment Administration, City of Stockholm and Small World